Payroll Technology

Our payroll technology

In most companies, considerable time is spent on the capturing and monitoring of payrun information. The Payroll Component facilitates the management of all remuneration related information and is designed to ensure that company specific policies and procedures are adhered to.

The system is tailored to the user’s specific requirements by means of parameters. These parameters allow for easy customisation without resorting to specially written programs. This allows for various payment methods and scenarios.

What our payroll component can do for your organisation

The Payroll component provides an efficient, legal and comprehensive means to effect payment to the employees.

Key features of the Payroll component

  • Flexibility – easy customisation without resorting to specially written programs
  • Statutory requirements – all necessary statutory information and returns are provided
  • Import of data facility – import information without manual capturing
  • Payruns – normal runs, special runs and supplementary runs are supported
  • Employee Payroll Categories – supports different types of employee categories
  • Easy to understand Payslips and ‘What if’ calculations
  • Dummy Payslips
  • Batch inputs
  • Future transactions can be authorised and captured in advance
  • On-screen Pay Slip result comparison
  • Report scheduler – reports can be scheduled to run at any time
  • Tax year end functionality

Supporting components for Payroll

Remuneration Management Component

The Remuneration Management Component facilitates all aspects of Compensation Management and allows for the creation of multiple sub components so that the following can be undertaken:

• Package Structuring
• Budgeting
• Salary Review (Increase Management)

What the Remuneration Management Component can do for your organisation

This component allows for stricter financial control and allows for flexible package structuring, budgeting and increase management within policy limits.

How the Remuneration Management Component works within the entire Solution

This component interacts with the Core Component and the Organisation Component.

Interfaces Component

The technology solution creates various files in the pre-defined formats in order to interface to other systems. Employee payroll and HR information can be extracted in order to create a file to be used for an interface.

What our Interfaces Component can do for your organisation
This component ensures the accuracy and speed of data being shared with other systems.


How the Interfaces Component works within the entire Solution
This component extracts data from the database and formats it for export.

Reporting and Analysis Tools

With such a comprehensive system, The People Solutions Company’s HR and Payroll solution gathers data at an incredible rate. The value of this data lies in being able to access it quickly, but more importantly, the data needs to be presented in a manner that makes sense. The data needs to be up to the second to enable intelligent business decisions to be made.

Every component has a comprehensive range of reports. There are more than 500 reports in the system. In addition, users can customise reports by applying filters to a standard report or by limiting the data drawn by various criteria.