Staying up to date with regulatory and compliance requirements is imperative to a company’s sustainability and operational integrity. However, not many companies have the luxury of a dedicated team to ensure this. The People Solutions Company has extensive experience in both the developed and emerging economies. Our clients benefit from our insight, expertise and regular updates, ensuring they are always on the right side of the law and fully compliant in whichever market they may be operating.

Compliance services & skills

  • Legislation
  • Tax
  • Labour
  • Regulation
  • Employee Equity

  • Social Services
  • Remuneration
  • Company Benefits
  • Dispute Management

Compliance has become one of the biggest areas of risk faced by businesses of all sizes.

The mercurial legislative environment can be overwhelming for business owners and maintaining a legally compliant HR and Payroll department can quickly become a minefield of risk if you do not keep abreast of new requirements. By aligning your HR department to The People Solutions Company, we eliminate that risk, leaving you to focus on growing the business while we take care of your local compliance.

We have a deep understanding of the regulatory frameworks in both the UK and throughout Africa.